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Amadube Security Services Guarding

Guarding Services

Amadube Security Services believes that an Amadube operative is the best security offices in the industry, for they are meticulously selected, extensively trained, motivated and backed by years of experience. We are disposed to perform iether two (2) or three (3) shifts work schedule. We offer these services in three broad catergories with sectorial expertise in the corporate guarding services, namely residential, commercial and corporate.

Amadube Un-armed Guard

Unarmed Guard

Unarmed security guards services are employed much more frequently than armed services. Amadube Security Services provides unarmed guards for a wide range of situations within food stores & supermarkets, retail establishments, shopping malls, schools, college and university campuses and other locations where their very presence serves as a strong deterrent against criminal activities such as shoplifting.

Even though unarmed, a sizeable number of these guards are trained in physical defense techniques such as Karate and all are generally capable of providing protection because they are in excellent physical condition and very-well trained.

Amadube Security Services Unarmed Security Guards include Day and Night Foot Patrol Security Guard, Vehicle Security Patrol, Camera Surveillance and Executive Protection. Our services are unmatched throughout the industry in accordance with the "best practices" of our industry. We are committed to understanding each of our clients' unique needs and tailoring services accordingly.

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Amadube Armed Guard

Armed Guard

Amadube Security Services, offers clients a full range of armed security guard services in South Africa which are ideal for any business and in any environment. The major difference between Amadube armed Security Services and other security firms comes from the quality and training of our officers, thorough administrative supervision and state of the art equipment and technology. The reason for our corporate philosophy of excellence is simple: We know that our clients are our business and we seek mutually-satisfactory long-term relationships in lieu of continual turnover.

We are uncompromising in personnel selection and training of our security offices. Our guards must successfully pass a series of screening programs before they become Amadube Security Services Armed Guards. Once accepted, they receive a minimum of forty hours of intensive training that brings them in contact with virtually any on-the-job situation they will meet. In many cases, guard training continues well into their initial client assignments, where their performance is carefully monitored, assessed and reported on by Amadube Security Services supervisors.

Even our seasoned, highly-experienced security guards receive periodic training to familiarize them with latest techniques, equipment and technology. This ensures that every Security officer perform his duties with optimum efficiency and attention to even the smallest details.

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