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cctv monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

Communication is quite vital to comprehensive security operations because it enables remote monitoring of the security operatives and timely relay of information critical to planning and responses. 

Our control room is designed to ensure that guards are alert and vigilant by initiating unscheduled communication at intervals. At night we conduct some mental tasks to keep the guards awake e.g. riddles and inventory check. All patrol vehicles are equipped with Mobile Radios and regularly informs Control of their present locations and sends situation reports every 30 minutes. This is to ensure free flow of information, command and control. It provides a sure means to call for help when in distress. The Control Room staff works in accordance with Control Room procedures as highlighted in our Control Room Manual which includes Emergency Procedures and Crisis Management.

Amadube Security Services Monitoring System:

It is important to point out at an early stage that there are two distinct aspects to CCTV remote monitoring – alarm monitoring or video alarm verification and video management. The former is concerned with protecting the client and assets while the latter is essentially a management and control function. Both halves of the equation work in symphony to ensure a complete remote monitoring solution. It is commonplace that for the security or alarm handling aspect, the customer would subscribe to services of a Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) whilst the client would often engage in their own management monitoring. An effective remote monitoring solution should allow for both security and management function to take place concurrently without affecting each other. Contact our team of experts now at (011) 024 6325 for more advices and free qoutations.