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Our philosophy at Amadube is to analyze the needs of a Client prior to quotation and assess the risk at the location to be protected. Experience has shown that there is an absolute need to analyze the “Pure Risk” faced by Clients and formulate management programmes to manage those risks.
 Such analysis is the premise upon which manpower and or electronic systems are engaged to neutralize the risk. Committing fund to security without full disclosure of the extent of risk and consequent recommendation on how to manage the risk is neither cost effective nor efficient. We formulate risk management plans for our Clients free of charge.

This showcases our ability and expertise to conduct various security and investigative disciplines within a diversified market. We also facilitate security training for personnel of various organisations and private individuals.

Specialized Work Includes:

  • Due Diligence.
  • Investigation.
  • Undercover Operations.
  • Background Checks and Pre and Post employment verification services.
  • Technical surveillance.
  • Training.
  • Security Awareness Seminars.

Close liason has been established with our affiliate to enhance our skills in forensic investigation, fingerprint examinations and polygraph examination. This services is highly classified, ussually discreet and confidential to prevent any unauthourised disclosure.

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